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About Me

When you are thrown into the newsroom, given a camera and told to take photographs for a newspaper, you either sink or swim - I chose to swim.

I had always had an interest in photography, but it was not until I began my career as a journalist in outback Queensland that I discovered my passion. I spent hours practicing taking photos of my cat, learning the settings and trying different techniques. Each day I would dig up at all the daily newspapers I could get my hands on to look at what the big-site photographers were producing. When I got my off-the-track racehorse, he became a second test subject. It is safe to say; my pets are highly photographed and used to flashes going off everywhere. When I moved to my second posting, I was fortunate to land a mentor who took me under his wing and helped my photography excel. While I might not have a fancy photography diploma (I do have a Bachelor of Applied Science, Human Movement and Health Studies, along with a Masters of Journalism), I make up for it in study, networking discussion with colleagues and fellow photographers, and practice, practice practice.

Why me?

Every photograph I take must be front-page quality. It must be something the client wants to hang on their wall and show off to their friends and family. Life is constantly changing and we should never miss out on the precious, memorable moments. Family, couple and single portraits shouldn't be an uncomfortable experience, they should be fun and filled with laughter.

Pixali Photogaphy

Pixali Photography isn't a studio-based business. You won't find big elaborate backdrops, makeup artists and hairdressers (although they can be arranged). Pixali Photograph is natural, with the addition of some flashes to make your images pop. In the grass, up in trees, on play equipment or surrounded by beautiful flowers are just a few regular "backdrops" often used. 

Pixali Photography services the Lockyer Valley, Somerset Region, Toowoomba and Ipswich.

Contact Me

Ali Kuchel

PO BOX 674

Gatton, Queensland, 4343

P: 0417 700 921